Policy, Vision, Mission, Philosophy


We at “Gwalior Nursing College” are committed to provide a world class Nursing Education with the continual improvement in quality of education through the academic contribution, renowned core associates, review of activities and students centric policies by continuously improving the system.


Provide a Plate – Form for higher learning to make comprehensive health care programme successful through trainers & trainees in the field of Nursing and in supporting disciplines.


  •  To make a quality higher learning college and make it an effective instrument in playing a role in Planning, Organizing and Coordinating health services at primary, secondary and tertiary level of health care, in developing Nursing profession and providing a dedicated and professionally qualified Nurse and supporting staff.

  •  To challenge and channelize students to achieve most of their individual talents and a greater understanding of themselves.

  •  To develop intellect of students through maintenance of highest standards of academic excellence, educational growth and self development.

  •  To encourage the examination of values through the creative and responsible use of reasons to strive, to articulate educative, traditional and cultural heritage in ways that are consonant with the best contemporary understanding of growth.


The college believes in training professional nurses from all states of India to meet the great demand in the field of Nursing. Professional Nursing is a life – long service to the people.College prepares its students to develop ability to analyze situations and problems critically and take responsibility for their higher education to maximize professional effectiveness throughout their career. College believes that degree course in nursing prepares Nurses for first level position both in the Hospital and in the community. Our concept of health is “Health is a state of physical, mental and social well being and not merely absence of disease or infirmity”.


 To achieve 100% results. The faculty ensures that the students does better in the examination so that the result of the college would remain 100% by their untiring efforts by quality teaching and assimilation, arranging tutorial and clinical work, removing personal difficulties of students by taking the extra classes.

 To provide quality education continuously in accordance with INC norms. Quality will help our college to be a leader in the list of names of the other Nursing education institutions.
 To provide the congenial learning environment.

 To create quality consciousness and team spirit among Nursing Faculty, Students and Parents to uplift the college.

 To promote self development of the students.

 To generate innovative and creative thinking .

 To make Gwalior Nursing College a leading educational institution in Madhya Pradesh.


  • Quality, creative and excellent faculty and support staff.

  • Effective teaching – learning process using state – of – the – art teaching aids, latest pedagogy of training methodology and congenial atmosphere.

  • Parents forum to give advice, ideas, suggestions and express concern, if any for bringing improvement in the institution.

  • State – of – the – art infrastructure, quality computer center, well stocked library and research facilities

  • Committed administrative and management system.

  • Effective monitoring and evaluation system.

  • Total Quality Management.

  • 100% Placements – The objective is to develop confidence, capability and competence among students to compete in India or Foreign countries and develop confidence of Industries / Organization to accept GNC students.


  • To provide a broad based education for preparation of Nursing personnel at advanced levels who can function in a wide variety of setting & contribute effectively towards professional upliftment.

  • To prepare a crop of well qualified nurses who can hold the leadership responsibilities.

  • To develop ability to appraise research reports critically and acquire competencies in conducting qualitative studies in nursing.

  • To promote in – depth studies of Nursing with a view to prepare them for distinctive positions such as Nurse Specialist, Nurse practitioner, Consultant, Researcher, Educator & Administrator.

  • To explore the center of excellence for higher studies in nursing and to give direction for serving contemporary & future needs of nursing developments.

  • To remove the paucity of well qualified Nursing Teachers in our country 

    Right from its inception, GNC has set before it an ideal of excellence in academic courses as well as service to the society, as a result of which it may truly become holistic in its outlook and approach to meet