Chairman's Message Late H.H. Madhav Rao Scindia Vice Chancellor
Sh. Ramesh Chennithala, MP Principal's Message

Chairman's Message

The establishment of Gwalior Nursing College for providing 4 years Degree Course in B.Sc Nursing has indeed been a mission accomplished, a dream realized, a tryst with destiny fulfilled. To meet the demand of acute shortage of clinically trained and academically enriched, qualified nurses in India, we took up the initiative to establish Gwalior Nursing College for imparting graduate and post graduate level nursing education such as; GNM, B.Sc (N), P.B.B.Sc (N) & M.Sc (N) courses to prepare the students to assume responsibility to provide effective medical care at Hospital and Community Levels.

The scope of nursing profession is of great value in serving the mankind. It plays an important role in planning, organizing and co-ordination of Health services at primary, secondary and tertiary level of Healthcare. 

The College is recognized by Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi, Mahakoshal State Nursing Council, Government of M.P., Bhopal and permanently affiliated to Jiwaji University, Gwalior.

The college has assimilated the fact that our students need to be highly accomplished, enterprising, committed citizens bearing in them the capability of generating the World-class results in nursing field. It is not to say that world -class result need World class inputs. Towards meeting such challenges, the institution follows a well thought system of educational initiative include professionally formulated & well-designed methodology backed by academically experienced faculty, adequate and sufficient labs & equipment ,good ambiance and a pragmatic academic aids.

We have a sacred mission, a noble aim and an ideal perception. This has enabled us to achieve so much in such a little time, yet it is time beginning. A Herculean task is before us. We cannot afford to rest till we achieve perfection and till Gwalior Nursing College becomes a guiding light to all other alma mater of its kind and admission in our Institute becomes a cherished dream of all young professional aspirants of tomorrow. 

Till then we have to incessantly strive. God has blessed us with indomitable will and unfailing courage and we are confident in achieving our goal.

Late Maharaj Shrimant Madhav Rao Scindia

He had been involved in great deal in the improvement of health and well being of the people with a aim towards social and economic development. He paid maximum attention to the most needy burdened by ill health, receiving inadequate health care services and affected by poverty. His inclination towards service of humanity has been a constant source of inspiration. We sincerely believe that his noble values and ideas shall continue to guide us.

He said:
I am happy to learn that Prem Mahendra Shiksha Avam Samaj Kalyan Parishad is now going to produce qualified graduates in nursing through a new college, the Gwalior Nursing College by starting B.Sc. Nursing Degree Course. 

It is a matter of happiness that by starting this course, shortage of qualified nursing personnel will be met.”

Sh. Ramesh Chennithala, MP

I am really very glad to know that after 24 years of dedicated service of your Prem Mahendra Shiksha Avam Samaj Kalyan Parishad to the community and the country through schools and colleges, teachers education programmes of the highest quality, now you are going to produce good and qualified Graduates in Nursing through your new Institution the Gwalior Nursing Institute by starting B.Sc. Nursing Degree Course to meet the acute shortage of qualified nursing personnel in the country. My recent visit to your Institute - Gwalior Nursing Institute inspired me too much to write that your Institute has taken a major initiative for girls by imparting four years course of B.Sc. Nursing to cater the need of nation towards the great cause of serving the mankind. It also gives me great pleasure to see the situation of the Institute which has in the backdrop, the Gwalior Fort amidst the adjacent hills, and greenery which offers extremely scenic view. Well-stocked Library, modernized Nursing Labs and well furnished hostel are the pillars towards progressiveness of your Institute. I also hope the students of your Institute after passing B.Sc. Nursing will prove that professional Nursing is aimed to promote human and social welfare. On this juncture, I extend my all good wishes and blessings to go ahead and fulfill the need of the society

Principal's Message

At Gwalior Nursing College we offer you the opportunity to make most of your time in learning and building competence in art of Nursing. Located in city of Education GNC is known as Innovative Nursing College. Its reputation drives GNC to lead academics for making Nursing graduates more successful in the world.

The information in this website has been prepared to give you an over view of the opportunity that await you as a Nursing students at GNC. There is course information, study support program as well as information on diverse activities and clubs that make life in GNC campus so live
GNC is a Modern, Vibrant, Scientifically designed institution with strong links to Government, Health Industries and the Community. It also has an extensive network of Professionals, Experts and Nursing establishment.

The beautiful main campus, which houses precious, ethnic jungle, is over viewed by dominating Gwalior Fort. The JA Group of hospital provides an opportunity to learn and master the art of Nursing in different specialties.

I look forward to welcome you at GNC health needs of the country.