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OMR Sheet Scanner Software and OMR Sheet Scanning Services by Addmen

OMR Answer Sheet Checker ProcessAddmen is a leader in providing OMR solutions (OMR Software, OMR Sheet & OMR Scanners).

We provide OMR Sheet Scanner Software and OMR Sheet Scanning Services for OMR Answer Sheet Checking used in MCQ Test.

We provide OMR Sheet Scaning Software and services for scanning of OMR Sheets and OMR Application Form used in various data collection processes in India.

Today OMR Sheet Checking Software Solution is used which is much simpler than the old OMR Checking Machine based OMR solution.

Now you have the flexibility and convenience to make your own sheet designs and use any scanner for OMR Sheet Scanning.

The OMR Software does all the reading and result processing to give you final OMR Test Results in printable form or Excel.

The OMR software reads black marks on scanned images of OMR Sheets and directly converts them into data, which can be obtained as OMR Result or exported to other data processing package.

Online Test Software

Just add a link to your website and start using the Online test software.

Candidates appear in selected tests using their login accounts.

Online Test can continue in case of connectivity faliure or accidental logouts.

Online Test Results can be seen immediately after the test is over or it can be clubbed with results of test checked through OMR Software.

OMR Softwares Price is very less as compared to OMR Machines and so they are in reach of masses. Addmen provides OMR Sheet Check Software & OMR Form Reader.

OMR Softwares run on any normal computer and use any Flatbed or ADF Iimage Scanner for OMR sheet scanning.

Addmen OMR Sheet Scanner Software does not need costly Hardware OMR Scanning Machines.

Addmen OMR Software works on scanned images of OMR Sheets which can be scanned with any regular image scanner. 

Click here to Download Free OMR Sheet for practice.

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Objective Test using Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) are also called OMR Tests.

OMR Test are also taken by various education institutes for entrance and scholarship and various organisation use OMR recruitment Software.

Addmen OMR Software fully supports all type of objective examination pattern in India and many other countries.

About OMR Optical Mark Recognition and OCR Optical Character Reading

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), is the reading of paper sheets to detect black marks made by pen or pencil.

It is used for speedy data collection from OMR Application Forms and checking of OMR Answer Sheets used in MCQ Examination, Assessments, Admission and Recruitment and in questionnaires for Surveys.

OCR scanner software is not as reliable as OMR optical mark reader software.

OMR is different from ICR. ICR is improvement of OCR. ICR is used for Handwriting recognition.

Question Bank Software

Our Question Bank Software or Question Paper Generator software is a siple to use CQ test generator.

MCQ Test Software allows easy section of multiple choice question and answers for MCQ test generation by simply creating a word file of selected mcq questions for automatic input.

Institute Management Software

ECAS (Enhanced Campus Automation System) is an ideal Institute Management Software for all types of Educational Institutes.

ECAS is our flagship product, it is a complete college management system and a very successful School Management Software.